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Reset iPhone Passcode: How to reset iPhone passcode without deleting anything, learn step by step..

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If users forget the passcode in their iPhone, then resetting it is a very difficult long process earlier. Many times users had to reset their device for this. But, with the update of iOS 17, this process has become easier. In the new process, users can update it with the help of their old passcode. However, for this, it is necessary to fulfill some specific criteria.

Here in this article, we are giving you detailed information about the passcode reset option. Along with this, we will tell you how to use this feature.

Criteria required for this feature
This feature will be enabled only for those users who have updated their iPhone passcode 72 hours ago.

Users need to remember the passcode just before.
This feature is available only on iOS 17.

How to update the passcode in an iPhone
If you fulfill all the criteria mentioned above, then with the help of the steps given below you can update the passcode of your iPhone.
If you enter the wrong passcode five times, the iPhone gets locked. By doing this, the iPhone Unavailable message is seen. Here you have to tap on the Enter Previous Passcode option.

Now you have to enter the old password on the next screen of your phone. As soon as you enter the old password, you will be asked to change the passcode immediately. Now you will be able to unlock your device with the new passcode.

So that you do not forget the new passcode, you have to expire the old passcode. For this, you have to click on the Face ID & Passcode option in the Settings menu. Here you have to tap on Expire Previous Passcode Now and click on Expire Now. The passcode reset available in iOS 17 can be of great use to many iPhone users.

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