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Repair State Feature: This feature of the iPhone is special, know how it works...

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Apple has introduced the 'Repair State' feature in the iOS 17.5 update. This feature will be useful in improving the way of service of iPhones. This feature of the company has been designed to simplify the repairing process for iPhone users.

The feature promises to improve the way iPhones are serviced, eliminating the need to disable the Find My feature before sending the device in for repair. Let us know about it.

Turn off Find My

     Let us tell you that users had to navigate through the Settings menu to disable Find My, which was a prerequisite for Apple or an authorized repair center to confirm ownership of the device and proceed with the repair.

     With the addition of iOS 17.5, this step is no longer necessary. It is currently unknown whether this feature will come in the stable version or not.

How does repair state mode work?

     9to5Mac reports that Repair State Mode has been discovered within the code of iOS 17.5 beta 4. Currently, this feature is already available in beta. It's changing the protocols for iPhone repairs.

     Earlier, users had to face delays due to Stolen Device Protection. Which was introduced as a security measure in iOS 17.3.

     This caused a time delay in changing sensitive settings including Find My and hence users had to wait for about 1 hour at the repair center.

     However, with Repair State, users can now directly authenticate their ownership with their Apple ID and password, simplifying the verification process for technicians.

     Additionally, Stolen Device Protection also takes no time, allowing users to begin repairs immediately.

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