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RBI Indian Currency: Mahatma Gandhi's picture will be removed from the notes, RBI clarified..

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Last year, the Government of India had withdrawn the 2 thousand rupee note from circulation. Now it is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Will the picture of Mahatma Gandhi be removed from the notes in the coming days? A report has said that the Reserve Bank of India is considering issuing notes with the picture of Rabindranath Tagore and APJ Abdul Kalam.

The report said that the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India (SPMCIL) under the Ministry of Finance has sent two sets of watermarks of Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Rabindranath Tagore to Professor Dilip Sahni of IIT Delhi. Professor Sahni has been asked to select from those two sets. After which it will be presented to the government.

Now in a statement issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), it has been said that there is no proposal to change the picture of Mahatma Gandhi on the banknote. The central bank clarified that there have been reports in some places in the media that the Reserve Bank of India is considering replacing the current currencies and banknotes with the photo of Mahatma Gandhi with notes and currency with pictures of other people. The Reserve Bank has no such proposal.

Many countries are using notes with more than one person.
Notes with more than one person are printed in the US and Japan. The picture of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln will be seen on the US dollar. At the same time, many images are also seen on the Japanese Yen.

The Rs 100 note to be discontinued
In this post viral on social media, it was claimed that the Reserve Bank of India plans to discontinue the old Rs 100 notes and now these notes will be out of circulation. It was said that the RBI has directed to replace the old Rs 100 notes by March 31, 2024.

When it was fact-checked, it was found that this claim was completely false. The old note is completely valid and the Reserve Bank of India has no plans to discontinue it. RBI has also not said anything officially about it.

What was the truth revealed in the fact-check
When we searched about this, we found no such news. Even after searching the official website of RBI, no information was found in this regard. In an old press release of RBI, it was said that old 100 rupee notes will remain valid. It has become absolutely clear in the fact check that the bank has not said anything about changing the old notes and the claim being made on social media is completely baseless. All old and new 100 rupee notes will continue to be valid.

Another rumor spread about a 500 rupee note.
Another rumor has spread about a 500 rupee note, regarding which RBI has had to come forward. RBI has rejected all the apprehensions being expressed on social media about the validity of the note with a 'star' mark (*). In this case, RBI has said that if you have received a banknote that has a star in the middle of the series, then this note is also valid like any other note.

Know what RBI said
The Reserve Bank said in a statement that a star mark has been added to the panel of numbers on the note issued in place of the wrongly printed note. Seeing this star mark, some people compared it with other 500 rupee notes and declared it fake or illegal, after which RBI took cognizance and gave information. The Reserve Bank said that notes with star marks are issued in place of wrongly printed notes in the bundle of notes with serial numbers. This star mark is placed between the number of the note and the letters printed before it.

What is the meaning of the star mark on the note?
The Reserve Bank clarified that the banknote with the star mark is like any other valid note. Its star mark simply shows that it has been issued in place of a changed or reprinted note. Let us tell you that the circulation of star notes was started in the year 2006 to make the printing of notes easier and reduce the cost. Earlier, the Reserve Bank used to replace the wrongly printed note with the correct note of the same number.

500 note increased RBI's problems-
On May 19, 2023, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to discontinue the Rs 2000 notes (Rs 2000 Note). The process of their withdrawal has also started in all the banks of the country. Now a big disclosure has been made about 500 rupee notes in the annual report of RBI. Even before the deadline of September 30 to replace two thousand rupee notes, another problem related to 500 rupee notes has come to the fore in front of the central bank.

In fact, after the discontinuation of the pink note of Rs 2000, now these currency notes, the largest in the country, are becoming a big headache for the Reserve Bank. According to the report, the infiltration of fake 500 rupee notes is increasing continuously. In 2022-23, about 91 thousand 110 fake notes of 500 rupees were caught, which is 14.6 percent more than in 2021-22. In 2020-21, 39,453 fake notes of 500 rupees were caught. Whereas in 2021-22, fake notes of 76 thousand 669 rupees were caught.

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