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Ration Complaint- Do you also take advantage of government ration, then know these important things


The Indian government runs various types of schemes for the economically weaker people of the country, which aim to help the people of the weaker section and uplift them, the Government of India provides subsidized ration to millions of people. Often eligible persons are deprived of their fair share due to irregularities in the distribution process. But don't worry, the government has started a complaint process for such mistakes and fraudulent persons, which you should know about, let's know about them.

State-wise ration card complaint number:

Andhra Pradesh: 1800-425-2977

Arunachal Pradesh: 03602244290

Assam: 1800-345-3611

Bihar: 1800-3456-194

Chhattisgarh: 1800-233-3663

Goa: 1800-233-0022

Gujarat: 1800-233-5500

Haryana: 1800-180-2087

Himachal Pradesh: 1800-180-8026

Jharkhand: 1800-345-6598, 1800-212-5512

Karnataka: 1800-425-9339

Kerala: 1800-425-1550

Madhya Pradesh: 181

Maharashtra: 1800-22-4950

Manipur: 1800-345-3821

Meghalaya: 1800-345-3670

Mizoram: 1860-222-222-789, 1800-345-3891

Nagaland: 1800-345-3704, 1800-345-3705

Odisha: 1800-345-6724/6760

Punjab: 1800-3006-1313

Rajasthan: 1800-180-6127

Sikkim: 1800-345-3236

Tamil Nadu: 1800-425-5901

Telangana: 1800-4250-0333

Tripura: 1800-345-3665

Uttar Pradesh: 1800-180-0150

Uttarakhand: 1800-180-2000, 1800-180-4188

West Bengal: 1800-345-5505

Delhi: 1800-110-841

Jammu: 1800-180-7106

Kashmir: 1800-180-7011

Andaman and Nicobar Islands: 1800-343-3197

Chandigarh: 1800-180-2068

Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu: 1800-233-4004

Lakshadweep: 1800-425-3186

Puducherry: 1800-425-1082

You can lodge a complaint using the state-specific helpline numbers given above. On registering your complaint, an investigation will be conducted, and if any wrongdoing is found, strict action will be taken against the responsible parties.

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