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Ration Card Tips- Pay attention, and finish the work related to ration card today, otherwise you will stop getting free ration

ration card

As we all know the Indian government has started many schemes for the economically weaker people of the country, which aim to uplift such people, many of which are managed by the Food Supply Department. The aim of these schemes is to provide free rations to needy people, thereby ensuring food security for the vulnerable population.

The free ration distribution scheme was launched by the Government of India during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue for the next five years. Beneficiaries must have a ration card to get a free ration under this scheme. Unfortunately, persons without ration cards are not eligible for this benefit.

The Department of Supply and Food and Logistics issued an important notification for all ration card holders. According to this notification, it is mandatory for all ration card holders to complete their e-KYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) process. Failure to do so will suspend the benefits associated with the ration card.

Key details and deadlines

e-KYC requirement: All ration card holders must complete the e-KYC process.

Deadline: The last date to complete e-KYC is June 30, 2024.

Effects: If e-KYC is not completed by the deadline, the cardholder will no longer be eligible for the free ration scheme.

The steps to complete e-KYC are as follows:

Visit the nearest government ration shop: Visit your nearest government ration distribution center.

Meet the ration dealer: Interact with the ration dealer at the shop.

Give fingerprints: Submit your fingerprints on the POS (point of sale) machine at the shop. It is important to note that fingerprints are required not just of the head of the family but also of all the family members listed on the ration card.

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