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Rajasthan Budget 2024: Finance Minister Diya Kumari can now make this announcement to make women happy


The full budget of the Bhajanlal government for 2024-25 in Rajasthan will be presented on Wednesday. Deputy CM Diya Kumari will present it as Finance Minister. Earlier, due to the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, Finance Minister Diya Kumari presented the interim budget in February. Big announcements can be made for every section in this budget by Diya Kumari. Women can be made happy by the BJP government in this budget. Recently, CM Bhajan Lal Sharma gave a big gift by making a provision of 50 percent reservation for women in third-class teacher recruitment level one.

Can announce to increase reservation for women in other recruitments as well

Now Finance Minister Diya Kumari can announce to increase in reservation for women in other recruitments as well in this budget. Currently there is 30 percent reservation for women. Bhajanlal government of Rajasthan can increase reservations in recruitments from 30 percent to 33 or 35 percent.

This announcement can be made regarding jobs

In this budget, Diya Kumari can also make a big announcement regarding government jobs. Before coming to power, the Bharatiya Janata Party has promised to give 70 thousand jobs to the public. Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma has also given statements in this regard several times. Now the BJP government can announce recruitment on more than 70 thousand posts in the budget. A big announcement can be made in this regard regarding the upcoming assembly by-election.

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