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Rahul Gandhi raised questions on the Agniveer Yojana in Parliament, knowing what benefits are available.


In the first session after the Lok Sabha elections, the opposition leader raised many issues in the House including the Agniveer Yojana. In such a situation, let us know what benefits the Agniveer jawan gets.....

Today in Parliament, the opposition leader created a ruckus over many issues, one of which was also the issue of Agniveer. Rahul Gandhi said that I have met the family of Agniveer. The central government does not give martyr status to Agniveer. Agniveers are used and throw laborers. There is fear in the minds of the soldiers about this scheme. Modi ji does not give martyr status to these soldiers.

Further, he said that these soldiers get only 6 months of training, and the army knows the truth about Agniveer. When our government comes, we will remove this scheme. There was a lot of uproar in the House on this. After this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that the opposition leaders were giving wrong statements about the Agniveer scheme. Martyr Agniveer gets a compensation of Rs 1, but the House is being misled. In such a situation, questions arise as to what benefits Agniveer soldiers get.

What benefits do they get?

Under the Agniveer scheme, soldiers who lose their lives are given the status of martyrs, the Defense Minister himself reiterated this today.

Apart from this, Agniveers make the supreme sacrifice for the country, so their last rites are performed with full military honors.

After their martyrdom, their family gets benefits.

Under the welfare fund, the family will get the following amount under the Bank Defense Service Account Insurance (as per MoU):-

Insured amount - ₹48 lakh

Ayu Mahila Kalyan Nidhi - ₹30 thousand

Amount for funeral expenses - ₹9 thousand

ACWF - ₹8 lakh

Grant amount - ₹44 lakh

Apart from this, the family also gets the remaining money of 4 years' salary.

Apart from this, the state government also gives some amount to the soldier's family. However, no pension is given to Agniveer. At the same time, contribution is made to the service fund along with the government's contribution and interest. Please note that the Defense Salary Package Account depends on the MoU between the Insurance Bank and the Indian Army.

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