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Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the central government, saying- 'NEET has been made a commercial exam'


The issue of NEET is echoed in the Lok Sabha even today. Today Rahul Gandhi gave a befitting reply to the government on this issue. He said that the government has made NEET a commercial exam.

A strong debate was seen in the Lok Sabha today. While the government expressed its opinion on the three new laws today, the opposition also asked sharp questions to the government regarding this law. Meanwhile, Lok Sabha opposition leader Rahul Gandhi also questioned the House regarding the NEET controversy. Raising the NEET controversy, Rahul said that the central government has made the NEET exam a commercial exam, which is not for poor children.

'The exam is for the rich'

Debating, Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi said, "NEET students spend years and years preparing for their exam. Their families support them financially and emotionally and the truth is that today NEET students do not believe in the exam, because they feel that this exam is for rich people, not for meritorious people.

Made it a commercial exam

Rahul Gandhi further attacked the government and said I have met many NEET students. Every one of them told me that this exam is made to create a quota for rich people and make way for them in the system and is not made to help poor students. NEET exam is not left for poor students. During this government, the paper has been leaked 70 times in 7 years. The central government has made NEET a commercial exam.

Laws implemented today

It is worth noting that three new laws have come into force from today. Indian Judicial Code (BNS) 2023, Indian Citizen The Security Code (BNSS) 2023, and the Indian Evidence Act (BSA) 2023 came into effect across the country from Monday i.e. today. Many sections have been changed under these laws.