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PVC Aadhaar-like credit card... will come to your house for just Rs 50


Do you also have a laminated paper Aadhaar Card and it has got torn while keeping it in your pocket or purse?

In today's time, Aadhaar has become the most important document and it is very important to have it in good order.

In such a situation, to get rid of problems like melting and tearing, you can order a credit card like PVC Aadhaar Card.

It will be just as valid as the old Aadhaar card you have and it is also very easy to order.

After submitting the request, your PVC Aadhar card is sent to your home address by UIDAI through speed post within 5 working days. UIDAI's online service allows Aadhaar card users to shift their Aadhaar details to PVC cards.

Instead of laminated Aadhaar, PVC Aadhaar also has many security features, these include tamperproof QR Code, hologram, micro text, and ghost image. You can apply online for this Aadhar card at

To get a new PVC Aadhaar Card by changing your old Aadhaar Card, you have to pay only Rs 50. Not only this, you can also make payments through an Aadhar Card linked to your bank account under the Aadhar Enabled Payment System (AePS) like credit card, debit card, or payment wallet.

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