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Property Rights: What is the law for selling ancestral property, know whether it is necessary to take consent..

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People often lack information about property-related rules and laws. They remain entangled in questions related to these. Due to a lack of information, property-related disputes usually occur. In such a situation, people must have a general understanding of property-related rules and laws. One such issue is ancestral property. In this article, we will solve one such confusion related to your ancestral property and tell you how and with whose consent ancestral property can be sold-

What is ancestral property?
If we look at the general classification of land in India, then mainly land is acquired by any person in two ways. The first is that which the person has purchased himself or has received by gift, donation, or by someone giving up his right (not taking his share of land), etc. This type of property is called self-acquired property.

Apart from this, the second type of land is that which the father has received from his ancestors. The land acquired in this way is kept in the category of ancestral property. The laws regarding selling ancestral property are a little stricter than the property purchased by oneself.

Who can sell ancestral property?
Four generations of the family have a claim on ancestral property. If a decision is to be taken to sell this property, then this property cannot be sold based on the personal consent of any one person. Nor can it be sold based on the decision of its partial owners.

To sell ancestral property, the consent of every stakeholder (which also includes daughters) is necessary. When all the parties agree, the ancestral property can be sold as per the legal procedures.

Legal recourse can be taken if sold without consent.
If ancestral property is sold without the consent or consultation of the parties involved, then other concerned parties can send legal notices regarding this. In such a situation, a stay can be put on the sale of the property or the sale can also be cancelled.

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