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Property Documents: You will not become the owner of the property just by registering, this document is important..

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The rules related to property say that just getting the land registered in your name does not give you the right to own it. For this, it is very important to get mutation done, which is also called transfer. Until the Khasra-Khatauni related to the land or its purchased part is registered in your name, you are not its owner. If you do not get the transfer of a property done, then you may face not one but many problems. Also, the risk of fraud increases.

After the property is registered in your name, mutation of the property has to be done in the government records. Mutation means the transfer of a property or change of name in the records of the corporation. Often people become relaxed after getting the registry done. Even while buying a property, they focus the most on the registry papers. However, getting mutation done is also as important as the registry.

If the transfer is not done, then these problems will arise.
Property mutation is proof of ownership rights in the tax records. There is a problem in paying property tax if the property is not mutated. If you sell the property in the future, the buyer will ask you to show the mutation papers. If you do not show them, you may face problems in selling the property. Apart from this, not getting the property mutated also increases the risk of fraud. Fraudulent people get the same place registered in the name of two or three people.

How to get the transfer done
There are mainly three types of immovable property in India. First agricultural land, residential land, industrial land, and houses are also included with this land. The transfer of all these three types of land is done in different ways at different places. Whenever a property is purchased through a sale deed or acquired by any other means, then the property should be transferred by appearing at the concerned office with that document.

Where to get complete information
The land that is registered as agricultural land, such land is transferred by the Patwari of that Patwari circle. How to get the transfer of residential land. The record of all the property documents related to residential land is with the Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Municipal Council, or in the case of villages, the Gram Panchayat of that area. The record of industrial land is kept before the Industrial Development Center which is in every district. This should be checked by going to such an Industrial Development Center.

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