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Property Document: You do not become the owner of a property just by registry, this document is important...

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Even though the registry is a very important document regarding houses and land, it does not ensure that you get ownership rights on the property. Often people become relaxed after getting registered. Even while buying a property, he focuses mostly on the registry papers. However, getting a mutation done is as important as registering. Mutation means name change.

If you think that the property will become yours just by getting it done, then you are mistaken. To avoid any kind of problem in the future, you must check its mutation. You should also know that a sale deed alone does not constitute a transfer of name.

Without a transfer of name, the property is not in your name

Sale deed and mutation are two different things. Generally, people consider sales and mutation to be the same. It is believed that registration has been done and the property is in one's name but this is not correct. Unless any property is transferred, no person can consider it as his own even if he has got it registered. Still, the property is not considered his because the name is transferred to another person.

How to get a name transfer done?

There are mainly three types of real estate in India. First is agricultural land, second is residential land, third is industrial land. Along with this land, houses are also included. Transfer of name of all these three types of lands is done in different ways at different places. Whenever any property is purchased through a sale deed or acquired through any other means, then one should present at the concerned office along with that document and get the property transferred.

Where do you get complete information from?

The transfer of land which is registered as agricultural land is done by the Patwari of that Patwari Halke. How to transfer residential land? The records of all the documents related to residential land are with the Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Municipal Council of that area, or Gram Panchayat in case of a village. The records of industrial land are kept in the Industrial Development Center which is located in every district. This investigation should be done by visiting such Industrial Development Center.

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