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PPF Scheme: Invest Rs 250 every day in PPF, you will earn lakhs of rupees in 15 years


PPF Scheme: Nowadays people may like to save some money from their earnings and invest in such a scheme. Where one can get good returns for the future. Today we are going to talk about (the PPF Scheme). Where R can earn Rs 24 lakh in 15 years by depositing Rs 250 daily -

At present, everyone is worried about their future and wants to invest money in such a place. Where their money is safe and they can get good returns. Although many saving plans are available for this, among them there is one government scheme (PPF Scheme), which is very popular.

Today we are talking about the PPF scheme of the post office. In which you can get huge returns by investing money for a long time. This (PPF Scheme) has many benefits. If you invest Rs 250 daily in this scheme, then after 15 years you can get Rs 24 lakh. Let us know how…

More than 7 percent interest and tax exemption

The government also guarantees safe money along with high returns on investment in the PPF scheme. Talking about the PPF interest rate, a strong interest of 7.1 percent is offered on investing in it. Along with this, tax benefits are also available in the post office scheme. That means, along with excellent returns, it is also great in terms of savings.

PPF scheme is an EEE category scheme. Every year any investment is made in it. There is no tax on it at all. Apart from this, investors do not have to pay any tax on the interest received as well as the funds received on maturity.

How will you be able to add Rs 24 lakh?

If you invest Rs 250 every day in the PPF scheme. So how and for how long can you invest Rs 24 lakh? So its calculation is also very easy.

If you save Rs 250 daily, then your savings every month becomes Rs 7500 and on an annual basis, you save Rs 90,000. You will have to invest this money in PPF every year for 15 years.

The investment limit in the PPF Scheme is 15 years. That is, in 15 years, your total deposit of Rs 90,000 every year will be Rs 13,50,000 and if we look at the interest on it at the rate of 7.1 percent, it will be Rs 10,90,926 and you will get a total of Rs 24,40,926 on maturity.

The account can be opened for just Rs 500

In the Post Office Public Provident Fund Scheme, you can open an account with just Rs 500 and a maximum investment of up to Rs 1.5 lakh can be made every year.

Apart from returns and tax benefits, the benefit of a loan facility is also available in. The special thing is that compared to unsecured loan, loan taken against PPF investment is cheaper.

In this scheme, loan under investment is given on the basis of your deposit amount and for this you have to pay up to one percent more than the interest received in the scheme. That means, if you take a loan through PPF investment, then you will get interest at the rate of 8.1 percent.

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