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PPF Account- If you want to become a millionaire in less time, then invest in this government scheme today.


Today times have changed so much that we do not know what can happen at any time, which can sometimes become a cause of trouble, in such a situation we need to be prepared for the future, so if you are a working or business person, then invest a part of your earnings in a scheme that gives good returns for the future, because keeping money in the bank may seem safe, but often the returns do not increase with inflation.

In such a situation, the Public Provident Fund (PPF) is right for investment, which is a popular scheme offered by the government. Currently offering an interest rate of 7.1 percent per annum, the PPF scheme provides a safe and attractive opportunity for long-term savings.

To benefit from the PPF scheme, you must first open an account. Once the account is opened, you can start investing a minimum of Rs 4,000 per month or Rs 48,000 annually. The investment matures in 15 years, during which your contributions earn interest.

A major advantage of the PPF scheme is its safety – there is no market risk, making it a reliable option for risk-averse investors. The scheme not only protects your savings from inflation but also ensures substantial growth over time.

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