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Post Office's great scheme, you will earn 9 thousand rupees every month

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Post Office Monthly Income Scheme is a scheme in which you can arrange income every month by depositing money.

MIS Scheme

This monthly income comes from interest. You get up to 7.4 percent interest on whatever amount you deposit.

How much return is received

Investors can earn up to Rs 9,250 every month from the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.

How much can be earned?

In the Monthly Income Scheme, up to 9 lakh can be deposited in a single account and up to 15 lakh in a joint account.

Investment in two ways

According to the rules, no investor can withdraw money before the due date from the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme.

No withdrawal before one year

If you invest Rs 15 lakh in a joint account, then you can earn Rs 9,250 every month through this scheme.

How much will you earn on a deposit of Rs 15 lakh?

If you invest a maximum of Rs 9 lakh in a single account, then you will earn Rs 5,550 every month.

Otherwise, you will get Rs 5,550

Any citizen of the country can open an account in the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme. An account can also be opened in the name of a child.

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