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Polling Booth Rules: What is the 2 rupee rule at the polling booth, know how fake voting is stopped


Voting is underway for the Lok Sabha elections, this time voting will be held in a total of seven phases and the results are expected to be declared on June 4. Before elections, people are often interested in their rights and other aspects that they can see at the polling stations.

During voting, there are often reports of fake voting, where some people are successful in casting their vote in someone else's name. To prevent such fake voting, all political parties send their polling agents to the polling stations, who keep an eye on all the voters.

If the agent suspects someone at the polling booth, he can stop him from voting. Separate rules have been made for this. The polling agent has to inform the election officer and pay Rs 2. After that, the voter's credentials are checked, and if fraudulent voting is detected, the vote is canceled or the person is barred from voting.

This process is called a "challenge vote". If the voter proves his identity, the polling agent's objection is rejected and Rs 2 is confiscated.

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