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PNB Update: Important alert for PNB bank customers, these accounts may be closed in 1 month..

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Do you have an account with Punjab National Bank (PNB)? If yes, then this news is very special for you PNB has issued an alert to those customers or account holders in whose accounts there have been no transactions for the last three years and there is no money in their account. . Such accounts will be closed within a month. In such a situation, if you have not done any transaction in your PNB account for 3 years, then definitely do it within the stipulated period. Let us know what has been said by the bank.

Why has PNB taken such a step?

Leading public sector bank Punjab National Bank has warned its customers that if there has been no transaction in their accounts for the last three years and their account balance is also nil, then within a month they will Accounts will be suspended. This step has been taken by PNB to prevent misuse of such accounts which are not operated. By issuing the notification, PNB has said that the calculation of all such accounts will be done on 30 April 2024.

These accounts will not be closed

Punjab National Bank has clearly stated in its notification that such accounts will be closed without notice after one month. However, accounts that are linked to Demat Accounts will not be closed. At the same time, student accounts with customers below 25 years of age, accounts of minors, accounts opened for schemes like SSY/PMJJBY/PMSBY/APY will also not be suspended.

Without this work, the account will not be activated

While sharing information in this regard, the bank has informed the customers that if they want any kind of information related to their account, or want to take any assistance, then they can directly contact their bank branch. . According to PNB, such accounts cannot be reactivated unless the account holder submits all the necessary documents related to the KYC of his account in the concerned branch.

Shares have been moving like this for the last one year

Punjab National Bank is a leading public sector bank and its market capitalization is Rs 1.37 lakh crore. Talking about the shares of this bank (PNB Shares), when the trading started in the share market on Tuesday, it opened on the red mark, and till the time of writing the news, it fell by more than 2 percent at 11 am and was around Rs 125. Was doing business nearby. This banking stock has given strong returns to its investors of 139 percent in the last year and 63 percent in the last six months.

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