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PM Suryagarh Yojana- This government scheme will provide 300 units of free electricity per month, apply like this


Friends, do you also get scared seeing high electricity bills now in summer when fans, coolers, and ACs are widely used in homes, then it is natural for the electricity bill to increase, but you do not need to worry about this rising bill. Recently the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started the 'PM Surya Ghar: Free Electricity Scheme' which has been started to install rooftop solar energy panels all over India. Let us know the complete details of this scheme-

Subsidy Structure: Under the PM Surya Ghar Yojana, homeowners installing rooftop solar systems will get significant subsidies. Specifically, the scheme provides a 60 percent subsidy on system cost for a 2 kW system and a 40 percent subsidy for systems with capacity ranging from 2 to 3 kW.

Registration Process: Potential beneficiaries must first register on the national portal, During registration, individuals have to select their state and electricity distribution company (DISCOM) and provide necessary details like electricity customer number, mobile number, and email ID.

Application Process: Once registered, customers can apply to install rooftop solar power by completing the required forms on the portal. After this, applicants need to wait for approval from their local Discom.

Vendor Selection: The national portal hosts a list of listed vendors, which helps customers select reliable service providers for their solar installations.

Post-Installation Process: After installation, customers need to submit plant details and apply for a net meter. After installation and inspection of the net meter by the Discom, a commissioning certificate will be generated on the portal.

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