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PM Suryadaya Yojana: You should also know about this scheme, who is eligible and what its rules


The central government of the country runs many schemes for the people and people also get the benefit of these schemes. In such a situation, many schemes are run by the central government, so that every needy, poor class, and eligible people can benefit. In such a situation, the central government launched the Prime Minister Suryaday Yojana, under which there is a provision to give solar panels. In such a situation, today we will know whether you are eligible for this scheme or not.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Only those people can take advantage of Suryaday Yojana who are included in its eligibility list. First of all, those people are eligible who come from the poor class, after this middle-class people can also get solar panels installed in their homes by joining this scheme. The subsidy is also given by the government in this scheme.

What is the eligibility of the scheme?

  • If you want to get solar panels installed under this scheme, then you must have your own house.
  • Apart from this, the annual income of the applicant should be less than one or one and a half lakh rupees.
  • People who pay tax cannot apply for this.
  • If you have a government job or there is a government officer in your family, then also you are not eligible for this scheme.

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