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PM Kisan Yojana: Caution! Farmers must complete this work to get the next installment..

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PM Kisan Yojana: Caution! Farmers must complete this work to get the nextaThere is news of work for about 1.87 crore PM Kisan beneficiaries of Uttar Pradesh. If you want the next installment of PM Kisan (PM Kisan Yojana) to be credited to your account, then this month you will have to get the farmer registry done. Without this, you will not get the money of PM Kisan. The next installment will be released between August and November. More than 12 crore farmers are registered on the PM Kisan portal. Under this scheme, the Modi government sends a total of Rs 6000 in three equal installments of Rs 2000-2000 to the farmers in their account.

These documents are necessary.
For farmer registration, the farmer's Aadhaar number, Khatauni mobile number, which is linked to Aadhaar, is necessary. After completing all the processes (PM Kisan Yojana's latest update), the unique number will be issued to the farmer. After the registration is complete, the farmer's golden card will be made.

Registry campaign starts from July 1
The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is using new (PM Kisan yojana news) technology to give the benefit of all government schemes to the farmers on a single platform. Kisan Registry Abhiyan has started in the entire state from July 1. A unique ID (PM Kisan registry) will be created for the farmers by setting up camps in the state.

Unique ID of every farm
In this, an ID will be created for every farm of all the farmers. Information about the family of every farmer will be recorded in it. Due to this farmers will never have to get any verification done (PM Kisan Yojana 17th kist) to take advantage of any government schemes. If the name of any farmer and his family is not registered, he may have to be deprived of the 17th installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. Based on the Kisan Registry (PM Kisan 17th installment), the government will also know in which field of which farmer the crop has not been sown.

What will be the benefits of the registry?
Through this, it will be recorded in the digital system of the government in which season, which farmer has sown which crop in which field, and in how much area. With this, farmers will be able to get information from agricultural scientists through the government at any time (PM Kisan registry benefits) about when and how much fertilizer, water medicine etc. to be given to the crop. With this, the government will be able to get accurate data on potential (PMKVY latest news) production and actual production of various crops in a village. Installment..

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