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PM Kisan Yojana: If the money of the 17th installment has not come into your account, then know these are the big reasons


The central government has today released the 17th installment under the Kisan Samman Nidhi. In this scheme, farmers get financial assistance of 6 thousand every year from the central government. In such a situation, now the farmers have received 17 installments. This amount comes in the form of 2-2 thousand in the account of the farmers every four months.

But if this amount has not come into your account, then you do not need to worry. This amount may come into your account in one to two days. In such a situation, let us also know why this installment can get stuck.

Under this scheme by the government, those farmers who have not completed KYC till now have not got the benefit of the 17th installment.

Along with this, this installment of those farmers who have not got the land settlement done can also get stuck.

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