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Phone Safety: If your phone gets wet in the rain, do not make this mistake, there will be a huge loss.

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It is raining continuously in many parts of the country, however, people's work is not stopping even in this rain. Many times during the rainy season, it happens that we get wet in the rain and our phone also gets wet.

In case of the phone getting wet or falling in water, the first thing to do is that if the phone is on, turn it off. Do not try to press any button or turn the phone on. This will prevent the risk of short circuits in the phone.

Now dry the phone under a fan or with a hair dryer (blower). Wipe the water visible on the phone with a clean cloth or paper napkin. Do not make the mistake of keeping the phone in rice. This can damage the phone. Apple has forbidden this. If there is a big problem, go to the service center and get the phone checked.

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