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People often do not know this way to get more pension from EPFO, if you understand it, then your old age will be spent in fun


There is also a way to get a pension from EPFO, by which you can get up to 8% more pension. Many people are not aware of this. Know about it here-

EPFO: Any employee who contributes to EPFO ​​​​for 10 consecutive years becomes eligible to get a pension. This pension is available at the age of 58 years. Pension is calculated on a pro rata basis on the pensionable service of the member i.e. the number of years he has contributed to the pension fund and the average salary of 60 months before retirement.

If an employee wants to take a pension before 58 years, he can also claim it. EPFO ​​​​allows the employee to take a pension between 50 and 58 years. For this, there is an option of Early Pension. But in such a case, you are given a pension at a reduced rate. There is also a way through which you can get up to 8% more pension from EPFO. Many people are not aware of this. Know about it here-

This is the way to get an increased pension of up to 8%

According to the rules of EPFO, a pension is usually given on completion of 58 years, but if the employee is still in a job after 58 years, then he can stop his pension for two more years i.e. till the age of 60 and can continue his contribution to the pension fund till the age of 60. In such a situation, the employee gets a pension at an additional rate of 4% every year. In such a situation, if the employee takes a pension at the age of 59, then he is given a pension at an additional rate of 4%, while at the age of 60 he is given pension at an additional rate of 8%. In such a situation, the service and salary of the pension of the years after 58 years are also taken into account for calculating their pension.

Also, know the rules of Early Pension

If your age is between 50 years to 58 years, then only you can claim for Early Pension. But in this, you get less pension. The earlier you withdraw money from the age of 58, the pension you will get will be reduced by 4% for every year. Suppose an EPFO ​​​​member decides to withdraw the reduced monthly pension at the age of 56, then he will get 92% (100% – 2×4) of the basic pension amount. To get an Early Pension, you have to fill out the Composite Claim Form and select the option of Form and 10D for Early pension.

If you are less than 50 years of age

If you have completed 10 years of service and your age is less than 50 years, then you cannot claim for pension. In such a situation, after leaving the job, you will get only the funds deposited in EPF. Pension will be available from the age of 58.

If the job is less than 10 years

If your job duration is less than 10 years, then you are not entitled to a pension. In such a situation, you have two options. First- If you do not want to work, then you can withdraw the pension amount along with the PF amount. The second option is that if you think that you will join the job again in the future, then you can take a pension scheme certificate. In such a situation, whenever you join a new job, you can link the previous pension account to the new job through this certificate. With this, whatever is lacking in the 10 years of a job, you can complete it in the next job and become eligible to get a pension at the age of 58.

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