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Paytm Account- Was there money deposited in Paytm account, know what will happen to it


Friends, recently RBI had closed the bank accounts of India's most popular mobile banking app Paytm. After which, questions arise regarding those who used Paytm for transactions and had a Paytm account and had money in it, what will happen to this money. Today we will provide you complete information about it through this article-

RBI has banned all services of Paytm Payments Bank except withdrawals and transfers from March 1. This has left many Paytm users wondering about the future of their money.

Balance in Wallet:

Paytm Bank customers were advised to withdraw the money immediately, the funds can be transferred to another bank account or used elsewhere.

Shopkeeper and Paytm QR Code:

Shop owners dependent on Paytm for transactions will face challenges. With no credit allowed in their accounts, they will not be able to collect payments through Paytm.

UPI Payment:

Customers with UPI linked to Paytm Payments Bank could make transfers only till February 29. After that, alternative UPI IDs linked to other banks are asked to be used.

Paytm Fastag:

Paytm FASTag users need to know that their FASTags will stop working. It becomes necessary to purchase a new FASTag, as the existing Paytm FASTag will no longer be operational.