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Passport Tips- If you want to go abroad, do not have a passport, then get an instant passport, know the full details


I, you, your friend, family members must be dreaming of going abroad that one day they will go abroad, but do you know, the most important document for international travel is a passport. Without a passport, you cannot enter most countries. Getting a passport is a long process, in which steps like police verification have to be taken, but sometimes such situations arise in life that we have to go abroad, in such a case you can get an instant passport, let's know about it-

Requirement for Indian citizens:

Every Indian citizen traveling abroad must have a valid passport.

The Government of India issues several types of passports under the Passport Act 1967, which include:

General passport
Diplomatic passport
Government passport
Emergency passport

Urgent passport service:

If you need an instant passport, you can apply under the Tatkal Passport Seva Yojana.

Under this scheme, the passport office is empowered to issue passports without the usual police verification.

In many cases, a passport can be issued within a day.

When police verification is required, the process usually takes three to four days.

Emergencies: To get a tatkal passport, you must demonstrate an emergency.

Valid reasons include: Studying abroad Medical treatment Attending sports or other urgent events.

Application process: You can apply for a Tatkal passport by visiting the passport office or online. The fee for a Tatkal passport is Rs 3500. In comparison, a normal passport costs between Rs 1500 and Rs 2000.

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