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Passport Tips- Are you going to get a passport, then do not make these mistakes even by mistake, otherwise the application will be rejected


Do you dream of going abroad, if yes, then you need to have a passport to go abroad, without this you cannot travel abroad, in such a situation, if you are going to get a passport, then you should not make these mistakes even by mistake, otherwise your application will be canceled, let's know about it-

Mismatching information: One of the main reasons for passport application rejection is the mismatch of information between the application form and supporting documents. The information entered should match exactly with the documents given.

Pay attention to details: Applicants often ignore minor information like the spelling of their name or address. Even minor mistakes can cause the application to be canceled.

Parents' information: It is common to have mistakes in the name or details of the parents. Double-checking these details will not cause problems.

Consequences of providing incorrect information:

Application Rejection: Entering incorrect or mismatched information can lead to outright rejection of the passport application.

Legal Penalties: Deliberately providing incorrect information in a passport application can attract severe penalties. The penalty can range from Rs 500 to Rs 5000 or even more. To avoid these penalties, it is very important to provide accurate and truthful information.

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