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Parental Controls: Children are watching the wrong things on the phone, this is how you can control it..

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Smartphones have become an important part of life. Children are equally interested in using phones as adults are. But many times giving phones to children becomes a burden for the parents. Children see some things on the phone which they should not see.

In such a situation, if you want your children to be able to see anything like this on the phone, then you should take care of some special things. There are some settings in the phone which should be enabled.

Turn on Google Play Restrictions
To prevent children from watching anything like this on the phone, you can turn on Google Play Restrictions on the phone. After enabling this setting, adult content is blocked. Even if your child tries to download or run something wrong, it is automatically banned. By doing this you can use the phone without any worries.

Give internet safety tips to children
If you want your children not to watch some wrong content on the phone, then you should give them internet safety tips. So that, they realize right and wrong. Your children should be informed about digital scams, malware, and frauds. So that he remains alert about all these things.

Parental control
Parental control facilities are available everywhere on YouTube, Facebook, and Google. The advantage of enabling this is that your children stay away from the wrong content. After turning it on, you can monitor the activities of the children.

Pin set
If there is any app in the smartphone that you want to keep away from the reach of children, then the best option is to set an app PIN on it. Whatever PIN app you're setting the PIN on, don't mention it to children. If you take care of these few things, you can prevent children from seeing the wrong things for a long time.

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