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Pan Card Tips- If have you not made a PAN card, then get it made at home in 10 minutes, and know the complete process.


Just as the Aadhaar card is a very important document for Indian citizens, similarly PAN card is also an essential document that serves many purposes ranging from financial transactions to tax compliance. It serves as a unique identifier for individuals and entities, which is required for activities like opening bank accounts, paying taxes, and conducting various financial transactions. In such a situation, if you have not yet made a PAN card, then know how to make it at home, we will tell you about its process-

Application Process:

Apply for a PAN card from your home, eliminating the need to visit any office.

Payment of applicable fees: Rs 110 for Indians and Rs 864 for foreigners, GST charges will be applicable separately.

Online payment options including net banking and debit/credit cards are available.

Steps to apply:

Visit the 'Protein' website.

Select the 'New PAN' option.

Fill out PAN Form 49A with your information and submit it.

Provide the required documents, which can be uploaded on a dedicated page.

Send the certified document to 'Protein' for verification.

After verification, the PAN card process will be completed.

PAN card will be issued within 10 days and delivered to your home address through postal services.

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