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Pan Card Expiry: Does PAN card also expire? Know the correct answer here..

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We can use a PAN Card as ID proof. It is a document that is used at the time of financial transactions. In today's time, a PAN card has become mandatory for opening a bank account or filing returns.

In such a situation, have you ever wondered how long the PAN card you have is valid? Today we will tell you whether a PAN card also has an expiry date.

Let us tell you that the PAN card is issued by NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited). A PAN card is a legal document. It is used to track financial transactions. PAN card has become mandatory to reduce tax evasion and to know the correct income per person.

The Income Tax Department has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN. This means that if the PAN card is not linked to Aadhaar then the PAN card becomes inactive.

Does your PAN card expire?
The answer is no. Although a PAN card never expires. Its validity is lifetime. But, a PAN card is canceled after the death of the person. A separate application has to be given for this. That is, it expires after the death of the PAN card holder.

The 10-digit alphanumeric number present on the PAN card contains the information of the person. Therefore, in many places, instead of a copy of the PAN card, only the PAN card number is asked.

How many PAN cards can a person legally hold?
According to the income tax rules, a person can have only one PAN card. If he holds more than one PAN card, action can be taken against him. According to the rules, there is a provision of fine for holding more than one PAN card.

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