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OpenAI Update: OpenAI is preparing a media manager tool for content creators..

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OpenAI, the company that makes ChatGPT, the most popular chatbot in the world, is going to create a new tool. OpenAI is preparing to launch a media manager tool. This step of OpenAI will give a big boost to content creators. The Media Manager tool will guide content creators on how to manage content for training generative AI systems. The Media Manager tool will guide content creators on how to include their work in AI resources. Along with this, many features and options will be available in it. Know further the complete information about the Media Manager tool.

When can the media manager tool arrive?

Reports say the media manager tool is being designed for content creators and content owners. With the help of this tool, content creators will be able to decide how to display content for training AI systems and AI research. OpenAI has stated that Media Manager will be a tool that will be built on cutting-edge machine learning research. Reports further state that this tool will be built with the capability to scan copyrighted text, photos, videos, and audio. This tool can be ready by the year 2025.

Content creators will get benefits

OpenAI has said that it will partner with many content creators. So that the media manager tool can be properly tailored according to the needs and preferences of content creators. OpenAI has said that it will add many personalized features after the official launch of this tool. This tool of OpenAI will be prepared based on data already available on the web. Also, its AI system will be prepared through user feedback. Apart from this, OpenAI has partnered with many news agencies to develop a media manager tool.

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