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Online Security Tips: No one will be able to breach your online privacy, these special tips will help with security..

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In today's digital era, it has become very important to keep online privacy safe. After the advent of smartphones, the risk of breach of privacy has increased further. It is very important to take some important steps to keep online information safe from cyber criminals. Know further in this news how digital privacy can be kept safe.

A strong password is necessary.
To secure online privacy, it is most important that the password of the device is strong. No matter which device you have, it should have a strong password.
Just having a password is not enough to provide better security for online privacy. Along with this, the password should be kept very twisted, so that no hacker can easily break the password.
Keeping the length of the password longer also makes it difficult to crack the online password. Apart from this, you can also take the help of a password manager.

Two-factor verification
To increase online privacy in the device, the help of two-factor verification can be taken. Through this technology, no person will be able to access the device illegally. In this, the PIN should also be changed from time to time.

Keep the device updated.
To protect online privacy, it is important to update the device first whenever a new update comes.

Keep updating all the apps used on your smartphone or PC at regular intervals. By doing this, new features of the app will come into the device and will help in maintaining digital privacy.

Use of Virtual Private Network
To protect online privacy, you can use Virtual Private Network i.e. VPN. Hackers cannot hack this network easily. Along with this, it also gives a mask to the IP address, so that no one can break into the device.

Be alert on social media.
To get online security in the digital era, data must be shared on social media under a limit. For this, privacy can be controlled by going into the settings of social media platforms. If you regularly share posts on social media, then you have to take care that no sensitive information goes out through the post. Apart from this, review the photos and videos posted on social media from time to time.

Use encrypted feature
Often people keep many apps on their devices but do not use some apps. In such a situation, it can work to break the security of the device. Start the encrypted feature in the apps and emails used on the mobile. By doing this, no third person will be able to see any message, email or photo.

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