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Online Fraud: Keep these things in mind while using debit card or else you will have to pay the price


When people need to buy something, they either make a cash payment or use a banking account. These payments are often made through debit cards. For online transactions, you usually get two options: "Save your card" and "Generate one-time password." Always choose the OTP option to prevent your card details from being saved on your device. This way, even if you lose your phone, no one can access your funds.

Many online websites offer the option to save your card details, but you should avoid doing so as it can put your account security at risk.

CVV, or Card Verification Value, is used during online transactions. When you buy something online, you will need to enter your three-digit CVV. To maintain your financial security, always keep your card details unregistered so that transactions cannot take place without entering the CVV.

Never share your card details, such as the numbers on it, with anyone. If someone asks for an OTP, read the OTP carefully and make sure you are satisfied with its source before sharing it.

Credit and debit cards provide easy access to cash and ease of shopping. However, cases of fraud involving card users are common. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly review RBI guidelines to stay updated on security measures.