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Old Currency Note: If you also have this old 10 rupee note, then you can also earn 2 lakhs by selling it online


If you do not have a good source of income, then you can easily earn money sitting at home. You will not need to spend money to do this work. You will be happy to know that you can earn up to Rs 25,000 online by selling 10 rupee notes. If you have 4 such notes of 10 rupees, then you can earn 2 lakhs.

The Coinbazaar website provides a platform for people holding unique and old notes to earn money by selling them online. The 10 rupee note we are talking about should have the Ashoka Pillar printed on one side and the boat on the other side. This note was issued in the year 1943 during British rule in India. The note should also have the signature of the then RBI Governor C.D. Deshmukh. Apart from this, 10 rupees should be written in English on both sides of the note.

If you have a Rs 10 note with these features, you can sell it on the Coinbazaar platform from home. Buyers on the platform pay thousands of rupees to get rare old notes and coins.

How to sell notes on

First of all, log on to the official website

Click on registration on the homepage.

Now after this register yourself as a seller.

Click a clear photo of your Rs 10 note and upload it on the platform.

The Coinbazaar platform will present your advertisement to people who use it to buy old notes.

People who are interested in buying old Rs 10 notes will contact you.

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