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Now no one will be able to spy on your WhatsApp! Know what is Passkey Feature


WhatsApp new Passkey feature: WhatsApp has always given priority to the fact that the security of users is of utmost importance. In the last few months, the company has brought many new features to increase the safety and security of the users. One of these new features is Passkey. You know that especially when talking to friends or family on any messaging app, we want to keep our conversations private. This new passkey feature will further strengthen that security. Actually, with the passkey, verifying your WhatsApp account will become easier and more secure. Let us know in detail...

WhatsApp passkeys feature

The company had announced the introduction of the passkey feature some time ago. This feature was earlier available only for Android users, but now it has become available for iOS users also. Some time ago, only testers got it, but now according to the report of WABetaInfo, all iPhone users can use it. It has been told in the report that the new WhatsApp update (iOS 24.9.78) has arrived on the App Store. The most special thing in this update is the arrival of a passkey feature for everyone. Apart from this, screen sharing during video calls also includes audio support and some changes in the app interface (new icons and images).

What is Passkeys?

This new passkey feature makes your WhatsApp chat more secure. Usually, we use password or OTP (which comes on SMS) to log in. But Paski is different from this. In this, your facial recognition, fingerprint or any PIN can be used. All these things are kept safely in your phone. Because of this your WhatsApp account remains more secure. And the best thing is that you do not even need internet to use Passkey.

After setting it up, it will work like your phone's lock code or fingerprint. You will not need to remember the 6 digit code every time you log in. This passkey will be stored securely in your phone's iCloud Keychain.

How to enable Passkeys?

It is quite easy to start it. First of all, install the latest update of WhatsApp from the App Store. Once updated, open WhatsApp and go to Settings. From there select Account and then find Passkeys. If you see the option of Passkeys, then you can turn it on.

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