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NHAI: Inflation shock before election results, traveling on highways becomes expensive from today


Only the exit polls have come out and with that, the government has also started giving shocks. Yes, meanwhile NHAI has taken a big decision. If the news is to be believed, then a decision has been taken to increase the toll rates by an average of five percent across the country. Now the drivers traveling on the highway will have to pay more from Monday i.e. today.

When will it start?

Let us tell you that the new rates on the highway will start from midnight on Monday. These rates were pending for two months. This increase which was to be implemented from April 1 was stopped due to the code of conduct imposed due to the general elections in the country. This change in toll tax is part of the annual process of revising the rates related to the change in inflation based on the wholesale price index.

Where will the highest toll be charged?

If media reports are to be believed, the highest burden on the highway will fall on the Sohna Highway. Where Rs 125 will be charged as a toll for one-way travel of the car. If you want to travel on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, then you will have to add the toll of this expressway in Rs 125. Here the toll rates are fixed according to different distances.

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