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NEET UG Result 2024: Question on atoms, 6 students got 720 marks at one center, know why there is a ruckus


NEET UG Result 2024: There is a ruckus over the NEET UG result. At the same time, many candidates are demanding to conduct the examination again. NTA is also being accused of tampering with the result. However, NTA has also given its clarification on this. This time a total of 67 candidates have scored 100 percent marks in NEET. Let us know what is the whole matter and why there is a ruckus.

NEET UG result was declared on June 4.Image Credit: freepik

The National Testing Agency declared the result of the NEET UG 2024 exam on June 4. 67 candidates have scored 100 percent marks in the exam. Out of these, 6 candidates are from the same examination center in Faridabad. This is the first time that such a large number of toppers have emerged in the NEET exam. Now in such a situation, the candidates who appeared in the NEET exam are raising many questions on NTA. At the same time, parents have also accused NTA of tampering with the result. The whole matter is about the question of atoms which was asked in the exam.

The NEET UG exam was conducted by the National Examination Agency on 5 May at designated centers across the country. The NTA released the provisional answer key on 29 May and candidates were given time till 31 May to file objections on it.

Which question caused an uproar?

According to the Indian Express report, a multiple-choice question based on atoms was asked in the Physics section of the NEET exam, for which two statements were given. The first statement was that atoms are electrically neutral because they have equal numbers of positive and negative charges. In the second statement, it was given that the atoms of each element are stable and emit their specific spectrum. Four options were given for this question.

  • 1: The first one is correct but the second one is wrong
  • 2: The first one is wrong but the second one is right
  • 3: Both the first and the second are correct
  • 4: Both are wrong

The correct answer is option 1 because the atoms of radioactive elements are not stable. When NTA released the provisional answer key, it declared the first option as correct. After that, more than 10 thousand candidates had raised objections for the third option citing the old NCERT 12th book. Candidates say that according to the old book, option 3 is correct. Whereas according to the new book, the first option is correct.

Who did NTA consider correct?

According to the Indian Express report, an NTA official said that we have given priority to all those candidates who had selected the third option in answer to this question. The agency gave 5 marks grace marks to all those candidates who chose the third option. Due to this, the marks of a total of 44 students increased from 715 to 720, which increased the number of toppers.

At the same time, the NTA official also said that for centuries, elder brothers and sisters in the country have been giving their books to their younger brothers and sisters and there is nothing wrong with it. We all have done this. NTA does not specifically ask students to buy new books. So we will hold a meeting and make a proper protocol for such a situation.

Grace marks were given to many candidates

This time, many candidates were also given grace marks in the NEET UG exam. According to the National Examination Agency, during the exam, the question paper was distributed with a delay of 10 to 20 minutes at some centers. Due to this many candidates missed the questions due to lack of time. NTA had received many complaints in this regard, due to which the marks of many candidates increased.