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NEET 2024: Toppers dropped from 67 to 61 in NEET re-exam results, got a new rank


NTA has declared the results of the re-exam exam for NEET-UG and released the revised list. According to the revised results, the number of candidates coming top in NEET-UG has now come down from 67 to 61. After the controversy over the NEET 2024 result, the NEET exam was held again on 23 June for 1563 children.

Out of which 48 percent of children did not appear, they decided to give up grace marks. 813 gave the exam again. According to this, the rank of 750 children who did not give the paper again and accepted the marks without grace by giving up grace marks will go down.

Suppose the 813 children who have given the paper got better marks than before. Their rank came up, but still there will not be much difference in the rank. There will be so little difference that it will not be very visible.

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