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Mutual Fund Scheme: Invest under this plan, you will get a huge amount of Rs 27.5 lakh at the time of maturity


Many people like to invest in mutual fund schemes. If you are also planning to invest in a mutual fund scheme, then today we are telling you a great plan.

Through this, you can save only 6 thousand rupees and deposit a huge amount of Rs 27.5 lakh. To deposit such a huge amount, you should choose a good mutual fund scheme and make a SIP in it. Now you should invest 6 thousand rupees every month in it for the entire 15 years.

You will also have to expect an estimated return of 11 percent every year on this investment. If this happens, you can deposit Rs 27.5 lakh at the time of maturity after 15 years. Mutual fund investment is subject to market risks, so you should invest in it only on the advice of experts.

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