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Monthly Planning- Does your budget also go awry at the end of the month, then plan like this


You must be using or hearing the word budget in the month of February, in this month the government unveils its financial plan for the country. When we hear this budget, we think how the government will make the budget of 140 crore people, because many of us are not able to make our month's budget right, but do not fear because today through this article we will tell you how to maintain the budget-

Steps to make your household budget

Start by making a comprehensive list of all your income sources. Then, list all your expenses.

Differentiate between essential and non-essential expenses:

Essential expenses include things like electricity bill, mobile bill, children's fees and essential household items. There is no compromise on these and they must be paid. Non-essential expenses are areas where you can cut down. This includes eating out, unnecessary shopping and entertainment.

Calculate your net profit:

Subtract your total expenses from your total income. The goal is to ensure that your income exceeds your expenses, leading to a net profit or savings at the end of the month.

Tips for effective budgeting

Maintain an emergency fund:

Allocate a small portion of your income to an emergency fund. This fund can provide financial support in case of unexpected expenses.

Regular review and adjustments:

Review your budget periodically to identify which expenses are essential and which can be reduced or eliminated.

Prioritize savings:

Prioritize savings. Even small amounts saved consistently can accumulate over time, providing financial security and peace of mind.

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