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Mobile Insurance Tips: Why should you get mobile insurance when you buy a mobile, understand everything here..

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Or you can live without a mobile for even a single day. Just thinking about it makes one feel scared. Now it would not be wrong to say that in today's time, the role of mobile has become very important in our lives.

There are many types of smartphones available in the market. Some of these are so expensive that one has to think many times before buying them. Even if we ever buy an expensive phone, we take care of it like a small child. Now to take care of the smartphone, we can also take mobile insurance.

What is Mobile Insurance?

Mobile insurance is a type of insurance. It is designed for mobile. This insurance policy covers things like damage to the phone and loss or theft. You can buy this insurance from a mobile device store or the website and apps of an insurance company.

However, it is not mandatory to take mobile insurance. But, if you take this insurance, it will play the role of a financial safeguard. Experts also say that taking mobile insurance is a smart choice.

Why buy mobile insurance

When the phone is stolen, along with the loss of data, the financial burden also increases. In such a situation, mobile insurance is very important for financial setbacks. Mobile insurance covers all these situations.

If the phone breaks due to an accident or any other reason, then repairing the phone is very expensive. In such a situation, mobile insurance proves to be very effective at the time of mobile breakage.

Along with the smartphone breaking, it is also very important to protect it from liquid damage. Many times the phone also gets damaged due to water, moisture, and humidity. Mobile insurance also covers this situation.

Repairing phones of brands like Apple, Samsung, and One Plus is very expensive. In such a situation, if we get insurance for these phones, then this insurance saves us from such repair bills.

If the phone is lost and the warranty period is on, then also compensation is not given. But, complete compensation is given in mobile insurance.

What will be covered in mobile insurance?

The stolen phone is covered.

If the phone gets damaged in an accident, it is covered.

Liquid damage is covered.

If there is any technical problem, that is also covered.

Smartphone screen damage is also covered.

If the smartphone catches fire, that is also covered.

What is not covered in mobile insurance?

If there is no information about how the phone was lost.

Intentionally damaging the phone.

If someone other than the owner is using the phone.

If there is any existing defect in the phone.

These facilities are available in mobile insurance.

Many insurances also provide doorstep pick-up and drop facility for repairs.

The facility of a cashless process is also available.

Some insurance companies also offer a nine-claim bonus.

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