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Microsoft Outlook: The company released a new version of the app, many useful features arrived..

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If you also use the Microsoft Outlook app, then there is good news for you. Microsoft has released a new version of the Outlook app for both iOS and Android. According to Microsoft, using the calendar in the app will now be easier and better than before. Apart from this, the way of searching will also change. Many bugs have also been fixed in the new version of the Outlook app.

Microsoft has said about the new Outlook iOS app that it will now have swipe action. Apart from this, users will also be able to use a local account in the Office 365 box. In this box, users will be able to store their files online and also share them. Regarding the new compose feature, the company has said that messages from the sent folder can be resent. Apart from this, Teams meeting chat can also be accessed from the calendar.

Talking about the Android app, new features have been added with Events, Search, Calendar, and Box. Users will now be able to search even a year-old event. In the new version, a message can be selected and opened simultaneously. The company has also released support for Microsoft Copilot for Telegram, although this feature is currently available only for beta users, so you have to wait a bit.

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