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Meta AI: A big update is coming in WhatsApp, AI will reply to the image and will also edit it..

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Another new update is going to come for WhatsApp and this update is about Meta AI. Meta AI was released by Meta for the WhatsApp app a few days ago. You can ask all kinds of questions from Meta AI. Apart from this, you can also get AI images made, and that too for free.

Now the news that has come about the new update says that Meta AI will also reply to the photo on your request, that is, you can also get information about a photo by sending it to Meta AI. Apart from this, you can also ask to edit an image.

According to the report, this feature of Meta AI is currently being tested on the Android version of WhatsApp. It will be released after the beta test is completed, although the company has not given any information about the release date. Let us tell you that Meta AI is based on the company's large language model Llama 3.

The new feature is being tested on Android version A screenshot of beta testing has also surfaced. According to the report, WhatsApp users will soon get support for Llama 3 on Meta AI, although there will also be an option to switch to the older version i.e. Llama 2. For your information, let us tell you that at present Meta AI only replies to text and creates images on prompt, but after the new update, it will also reply to photos and edit the photos based on your command.

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