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Meta AI Update: Meta AI can also be used in WhatsApp group chat, this is how the chatbot will help everyone..

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A few days ago, the Meta AI feature was introduced by Meta to improve the experience of WhatsApp users, which has come in the form of a blue icon on the WhatsApp screen. This chatbot can be used in many ways.

You can also use it in group chat. This chatbot will not only help you but also everyone in the group. Here we are telling you how to use it in the group.

How to use Meta AI in a group
Step 1- First of all open the group in which you want to chat with Meta AI.

Step 2- After this, type meta after typing @.

Step 3- Accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4- Type your prompt.

Step 5- Enter your query. After this, results will start appearing on the display.

What to do to reply?
Swipe right on the AI ​​message.

Type your message.


Process for iOS
The same process has to be followed for iOS. At the same time, the same process has to be followed to use Meta AI Chatbot on the web, desktop, and Windows.

What can be done with Meta AI Chatbot?

Many tasks can be done with Meta AI Chatbot.

1. With this, images can be generated only based on prompts.

2. Answers to any query can be obtained here.

3. It can generate images and GIFs and many more things can be done with it.

4. Chatbot is also a good option for AI conversation.

5. Chatbot can be used as a search assistant.

6. Chatbot can also be used in trip planning.

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