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LPG​ Gas Connection: Last chance! Get e-KYC done immediately in this easy way, otherwise, you will not get a subsidy from June 1


There is important news for LPG gas consumers. It is now necessary for LPG consumers to get e-KYC done. For this, strict instructions have been given to the companies by the Petroleum Ministry. Consumers will have to complete their e-KYC process by May 31, otherwise, there may be a disruption in gas supply and they will not get the benefit of the subsidy. That is, now every LPG consumer is required to do their e-KYC verification.

Through this process, the identity of the consumer and your bank account information is verified. For e-KYC, you can adopt both offline and online methods. Let us tell you how you can do e-KYC

Offline method

For the offline method, go to the gas agency with which you have a connection and take your Aadhaar card and other identity-related documents with you. Contact the operator of that agency and give them the documents required for this process. After this, the operator will scan your eyes and thumb. After your verification is complete, E-KYC will be done.

Online method

For online E-KYC, first, go to the official website or mobile app of your gas agency. E-KYC facility is available on the app and website of companies like Indian Oil, Bharat Gas, and HP Gas. Go there and download the KYC form. After filling in all the information asked in the form, attach the necessary documents with it. After this, go to your gas agency and submit the form. Along with the E-Kyc form, any of these documents can be used for identity proof

Aadhaar card number

Passport number

PAN card number

Voter ID card

Any identity card issued by the state or center

Photocopy of driving license

Keep in mind that if you do not get E-KYC done by May 31, then your gas supply may be disrupted and you will not get the benefit of subsidy. According to the gas agency operators, consumers who do not get E-KYC done will face problems in gas supply and those consumers who are getting the benefit of subsidy will not be given subsidy. The main objective of the government behind making E-KYC mandatory is that only the right and eligible consumers should get the benefit of the subsidy.

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