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Lots of new features are coming on WhatsApp, now you will get the special facility in chat notifications.


Due to the continuous introduction of new features in WhatsApp, the experience of the users becomes better. Sometimes many such facilities are also introduced which make chatting easier. Let us know about the new feature of WhatsApp.

New features keep coming on WhatsApp continuously. Therefore, the user experience also improves continuously. Instant messaging service also launches new features for the convenience of the people. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is preparing to bring another new feature. In the upcoming update of WhatsApp, we are working on bringing a feature to clear the number of unread messages. WABetaInfo has given information about this new feature, and a screenshot has also been shared regarding how this feature will work.

It can be seen in the given screenshot that whenever the WhatsApp app is opened, a new option will be available to clear the number of unread messages, which will be released in the upcoming update. By activating this option, users will be able to automatically reset their unread message notifications every time they open the app.

This feature is designed to help users easily manage their new messages, reduce the number of unread messages, and get a fresh start every time they open the app. With the help of this feature, users will be able to focus on new and important messages.

Apart from this, notifications can also be set for message reactions in the new update. That means whenever you send a message in a group or single chat and someone reacts to it, you will get a separate notification.

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Will be able to post long videos in status

Apart from this, there is also talk of a special feature related to status on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is introducing the feature of sharing videos of up to 1 minute for status in the app. Currently, it is available to some beta testers. However, according to the information received by WABetaInfo, some users may get this feature through the previous update. iOS users will soon be able to upload 1-minute video which was earlier 30 seconds.