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LIC Scheme- Invest in this scheme of LIC, and you will get a pension throughout your life, knowing its complete details.


If you are a working person and want to secure your future, you are looking for a scheme in which you can invest and get a pension throughout your life, then LIC, which is known for its investments and insurance schemes, is for you. There is a scheme called New Jeevan Shanti Policy which has been made for you, today we will provide you with complete information about this scheme through this article-

The new Jeevan Shanti Yojana operates as an annuity plan, which allows investors to set their pension limit. On retirement, individuals receive a fixed pension amount throughout their life, depending on their initial investment. For example, a 55-year-old person will get an annual pension of Rs 1,01,880 if he deposits Rs 11 lakh in this scheme for five years.

This LIC policy provides no risk cover to individuals aged between 30 to 79 years. Nonetheless, its distinctive features have made it a preferred choice among investors. Those considering this plan are given two options: a deferred annuity for single life or a deferred annuity for joint life, which offers flexibility in investment preferences.

A notable benefit of the new Jeevan Shanti policy is its surrender option, which allows policyholders to exit the plan as and when required. The minimum investment requirement is Rs 1.5 lakh, with no upper limit imposed. Additionally, in the unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder during the term, the entire investment amount is credited to the nominee's account, ensuring financial security for loved ones.

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