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Latest Business Idea: You can earn a lot of money sitting at home, this thing is in demand in every home..

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Pickle is made in almost every house in our country, but very few people can make it a business. Pickle is such a thing, which is used in every kitchen in India throughout the year. Because of this, there are more possibilities in the pickle business.

You can start the pickle-making business from your home itself. If you start pickle making these days, then you can start by making mango pickles. This is the mango season. Therefore, you will easily get raw mangoes (Green Mango) and everyone likes mango pickles.

For the pickle business, you need a little open space. The balconies of people living in flats are also enough for starting a business. This makes it easy to make, dry, and pack pickles.

Cleanliness is very important for your pickle to last for a long time. Special care has to be taken during the process of making it. Pickles can be made in every season. But this is the best season to make mango pickles.

Everything depends on the recipe.
The pickle recipe is the most important thing in this business. Only a great recipe can take your pickle business to the top. Customers will buy your pickles only if they like their taste. For this, you have to take special care of your recipe, so that customers will get a different taste in your pickle and you will get demand.

You can make pickles according to the season.
You can make and sell many types of pickles. Mostly mango and lemon pickles are sold more in the market. Apart from this, you can also make pickles of jackfruit, garlic, amla, ginger, and chili. People like different pickles according to the season. In this way, you can earn good money by making pickles according to the season.

Keep these two things in mind.
To sell pickles, you should pay special attention to packaging and pricing. A lot depends on the packaging of the product in the market. Fill the quantity of pickles in the box according to the fixed prices. Also, write the logo of your brand and the details of manufacturing. While deciding the price, you should keep in mind that your cost is also covered and the price should not seem too expensive to the customers. In the beginning, you need to take special care of these things.

You can start with 10 thousand rupees.
You can start the pickle business with a cost of 10 thousand rupees. After this, you can earn a profit according to the demand for your product. If the demand is good, then you can easily earn 20 to 25 thousand rupees at this cost.

If you have a system to keep the pickle for a long time, then you can make mango pickles in large quantities during the mango season. Then you can earn profits of lakhs by selling it throughout the year.

License for pickle-making business (Pickle Business license)
A license (Pickle Business license) is required for pickle-making business. The license for this is obtained from the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI). You can apply for this online. If you do not have a license, you may also be fined.

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