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Joint Account Remove- If you want to remove your partner's name from the joint account, then know it is complete process


Today every person has an account in the bank, which gives them the option to keep their money safe, people also have savings accounts, current accounts and joint accounts, if we talk about joint accounts, then they are usually opened by husband-wife or business partners. But over time, circumstances become such that we have to remove our partner's name account, if due to circumstances you have to remove the name of a partner from such an account, then know its complete process-

First of all, get the form from the bank branch or through their website to remove the name of the account holder. You will need the signature of both the account holder and the person whose name is being removed.

Provide the required details in the form such as account number, account type and name of the account holder to be removed. If the person is a minor, include the details of his guardian.

You also have the option to change the mode of operation of the account, such as converting it to joint survivorship or sole proprietorship, or retain the current mode.

When removing a joint account holder, ensure they return their debit card to the bank. Alternatively, report it as destroyed or lost. You can also request a new chequebook in the revised account name, return any unspent cheques to the bank.

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