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ITR 2024-25 - Alert for income tax payers, if this work is not done then money will be stuck..

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If you also pay income tax then this news can prove to be useful for you. The process of filing income tax returns for the financial year 2023-24 and assessment year 2024-25 has started. In such a situation, it is necessary to fill ITR for all the taxpayers falling under the tax slab.

Salaried class people who deduct 10 percent of TDS can also claim it by filing an ITR. But, despite filing your ITR, if you do not do one thing then your money may get stuck.

Many times people file ITR but forget to do e-verification. Doing so may prove costly for them. Taxpayers can easily file income tax returns by following just a few simple steps.

E-verification is necessary-

If you want a timely refund then it is mandatory to complete the process of e-verification after e-filing. If you do not do e-verification after e-filing, you will not get the refund on time. Therefore, do e-verification carefully.

Do it within this number of days-

The work of e-verification should be completed along with filing ITR. If you are not able to complete the e-verification work after filing the ITR, then you should complete it within 120 days. The process of e-verification can be completed through Aadhaar, a Demat account, an ATM, net banking, or a digital signature certificate.

Do e-verification like this-

First of all, click on the e-filing portal

After this, login to the portal by entering the user ID and password.

Click on the e-file menu and then select the option of e-verification.

Next select your PAN number, and assessment year, and enter the receipt number of the file ITR and your mobile number.

After that select the option which e-verification mode you want to choose.

Complete the e-verification process through any of the following methods: Demat account, Aadhaar or ATM, net banking, or digital signature certificate.

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