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Is your data safe on WhatsApp? This is the answer of WhatsApp chief on Elon Musk's claim


On Tuesday, WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart refuted Elon Musk's claim that the messaging app shares users' data. He said that this information was completely false. Musk posted on social media platform X last week, alleging that WhatsApp exports users' data every night, yet people consider it a safe platform.

Cathcart strongly refuted this claim, criticizing Musk's claim as completely false. He stressed, "Many people have said this before, but I want to reiterate that this information is not true. We prioritize user privacy, which is why all messages are end-to-end encrypted. Not all those messages come to us every night."

Responding to users, Cathcart advised that if they want to back up their messages, they can use the services of their cloud providers, which also provide end-to-end encryption. Several social media users responded to Cathcart's post. One user noted that Musk did not mention messages, but data.

Other users pointed out, "The post was about meta-exporting data. Meta collects information like a telecom provider, while Will is discussing content. This statement seems misguided and reflects the way Meta operates." Another user said, "You are misleading. It's about user data, including metadata, not messages."

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